Agarwal Packers and Movers Vehicle Relocations

August 08, 2020

Transportation bikes across the country​

While it’s nothing like hitting the open road on the back of your bike in any way, in some cases you have no choice but to drive to your destination. Whether you’re making a nationwide move, going on a race, or taking it with you on a trip, sending cruisers is the typical answer to finding bikes where they should be. Take a look at the progress with the shipment of cruisers and see how Agarwal Movers can help.

Step by step instructions to ship a motorcycle​

Regardless of how you plan your bike delivery, it’s important to keep it protected and safe. Before traveling, make sure that. Car Transportation Services in India.

Drain the Petrol or Diesel from Vehicles

The most important thing you need to do is drain flammable liquids such as gas and oil. See the owner’s manual for directions or take it to your local bike shop. Just be sure to replace the fluids when it comes in for the bike to function properly.

Coat It​

Ensure the completion and clear coat by covering the bicycle. Start by cleaning, and afterward utilize a cruiser spread or moving covers made sure about with stretch wrap. Try to cover all secondary selling chrome parts and the body of the bicycle to shield them from scratches and residue.

Load to CHAPP Van​

Nowadays, it is an ideal opportunity to put a bicycle in steel or mobile trailer. If you are just moving your bike, load it, and locate it at the center of the handlebar. If you are carrying it along with family products, make sure they are well secured as tipping over on the road could damage your bike. DRS Over Dimensional Cargo Services.

Secure it​

The final step forward in the cruiser movement is to make sure of this with ratchet bars and wheel chocks. Find a wedge under the front tire to keep it from pushing forward. Use the coordination that occurs in the holder or trailer to hold the bindings to keep the bike upright by preventing it from sliding sideways.

Put the kickstand aside and put on the ties using the eyelash rings on the handlebar to adjust the front. Then, apply the lashes to the back, circling them around the rear tire. Turn the clamps until the bicycle is straightened and adjusted.

What makes DRS Packers the most ideal approach to send a cruiser?

Agarwal Packers is an extraordinary alternative to cruiser transport – apart from transport goods for families, we are prepared for simple shipment of bicycles. Agarwal Packers introduces you to the moving equipment, you the weight, and then we deliver it to the destination. This is basic. Here are a few features that make delivering cruisers from DRS Packers the most perfect decision:

  • Simple stacking. The Agarwal Packers mobile trailer is connected to a 2 ‘wide slope, so getting the bike inside is not difficult. CHAPP Van is at ground level for easy stacking.
  • Safe focus. These two types of gear have a secure focus so you can be confident in your bike.
  • Short travel time. In any case, most movements only take 2-5 business days for cross-country cruiser shipping.
  • Adaptable space. Whether you’re just moving a cruiser or an entire home, Agarwal Packers will give you the space you need. Our base space is perfect for cruiser shipping alone. Or on the other hand, you can use more space for more traffic.

Get the least expensive cruiser delivering

Agarwal Packers rates are moderate, even when choosing from entrance to entrance, however for the absolute cheapest rates, take a look at the terminal-to-terminal selection. This way, it is difficult to use reserve funds, especially in the case when you are simply relocating a cruiser or a smaller shipment. With this choice, you will take your bike to a nearby aid station for loading, and then empty yourself at the administrative parish on the opposite side. Can save 5K normally!

Want a Vehicle Shipping Quote?

For free quotation of Vehicle Relocation in anywhere in India. Visit our website

or you can call us +91-9360014001. To shift two wheeler, tree wheeler, and four wheeler in anywhere in India visit Agarwal Packers official website.

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About Agarwal Packers

Agarwal Packers and Movers, India’s largest Packers and Movers founded by Mr. Dayanand Agarwal, which is also recognized by Limca book of records, has been serving the industry since 1984. Having a strong backbone of dedicated and skilled manpower, NSE Listed Company, the fleet of self-owned vehicles, a well-established network all around the country with 160 branches, and exclusive USPs, we have done more than 20 lacs moves successfully till the date on both national and international locations. Keeping customers’ satisfaction at our top priority, we have introduced various USPs such as perfect box, LED/LCD box, trucking cube, bike stand, special carrier and fabric sheet, etc.


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Agarwal Packers Popularly known for their best shifting services of Household, Offices, Corporate offices, Vehicles (Two Three, & Four Wheeler), Warehouse and others.




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